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With support from the American Society of Echocardiography Education and Research Foundation (ASE Foundation) and teams of volunteer physicians worldwide, ASE is creating a series of webinars in Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese based upon ASE's guidelines and standards. These webinars are being made available free of charge, regardless of ASE membership, in an effort to facilitate the global dissemination of this important information. We welcome you to share this page with your peers, friends, and colleagues. ASE offers additional guideline-based educational opportunities, and you may take advantage of these by visiting the "Live Webinars" tab to your left to register for live webinars provided by guideline-chairs (provided in English) or by visiting or to download full copies of ASE's guidelines and standards in English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

If you would like to see additional guideline-based Webinars in your language, please consider making a donation to the ASE Foundation to help support these efforts. Visit to make your contribution today. © 2017 Digitell, Inc.         Home         Sign In         Cart         Contact Us