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Frequently Asked Questions
ASE Member Benefits
I am an ASE member and created an account on ASEUniversity. Why can't I access the free Member Benefit CME?
To access the free ASE member CME benefits, you need to log in using your ASE Username and Password. You can log directly into your ASE member portal and select the option for "ASEUniversity and CME Credits," or simply sign in to ASEUniversity directly using this information. If you do not sign in with your ASE login information, you will not be recognized as an ASE member. Once logged in, select the "CME Member Benefits" tab from the left-side navigation menu. Live Webinars are also free for members, and registration can be found on the "Live Webinars" tab of the navigation menu.
Why are my credits missing from my ARDMS/CCI profile?
Have you provided ASE with your ARDMS/CCI number? If not, please contact ASE staff at or 919-861-5574 to have this added. Credits are transferred once per week, beginning when you provide ASE with your registry number. Credits earned prior to the addition of your registry number to your ASE membership account will not be transferred. Follow the CME submission instructions on the ARDMS and/or CCI Website to provide them with any past credits. Please note: ASE began transferring credits to ARDMS and CCI in 2012. Credits completed prior to this timeframe will not be transferred.
Conference CME & CME Tracking
I recently attended a conference (July 2013 - current); how to do I claim my CME credit?
For all ASE live events occurring after July 2013, attendees are provided with an access code to claim their credit. To redeem, ASEU account holders will need to log in (new users, please create an account) and select "Add Access Code." Once added, follow the steps to verify your attendance, complete the evaluation and download your certificate.
I attended a conference prior to July 2013 and need to claim my credits. How do I do this?
If you attended a course prior to July 2013, you will need to contact ASE staff to claim credit. Please contact or call 919-297-7161 to ask for and complete and CME request form.
I attended a recent conference and I am unable to verify my registration after redeeming my CME Access Code.
To verify for your attendance, you must enter your name, e-mail address and zip code exactly how it was provided during the registration process. If you are unsure what address or e-mail you provided, or did not submit this information during the registration process, please contact ASE staff directly at or 919-861-5574 so that we can update your profile.
Why are activities missing from my CE Transcript?
ASE only tracks credit for ASE-accredited events and online ASEUniversity activities. Credits from external organizations and vendors are not captured in ASE's tracking system. If an ASE activity is missing, please contact Ronna Yates at or call 919-297-7161 for assistance. Please be sure to have your name, ASE membership ID number, activity title and estimated date of completion handy.
My CE Transcript is accurate, however some conferences to do have any credit noted?
If an activity listing is present but credit hours are not reflected in your transcript, follow the certificate instructions and contact or call 919-297-7161 to ask for and complete a CME request form. Once your form is received, ASE will provide you with a copy of your certificate and update your online transcript.
Site Navigation
Where can I find CME from activities I completed on ASEUniversity or courses I have attended?
To access copies of your CME certificates, or to print your ASE CME transcript, log into your ASEUniversity account. Under "Your Account" at the top of the page select "CE Transcript."
Where can I find content that I have purchased on ASEUniversity?
To access all purchased content, you must first log in to your ASEUniversity account. Under "Your Account" at the top of the page select "Your Content."
Site Functionality
What internet browsers do you support?
ASEUniversity runs most efficiently using Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome or Safari Web browsers. While individuals are able to login and access content using Internet Explorer, this is not a recommended browser and support for older versions of Internet Explorer will no longer be available beginning in 2014.
I signed up for a live Webinar but will not be at my computer. Will I be able to view it from my mobile device?
Yes, ASE's activities can be viewed from mobile device. If you are not sure, you can always test your ability to access Webinars from any computer or device by logging into your ASEUniversity account, selecting the option for "Your Live Events" (found in the "Your Account" dropdown menu) and performing the system checker.
Why am I having trouble viewing content from my Android device?
While ASEUniversity has been designed to be accessible from mobile devices, the latest versions of Android are not supportive of the HTML 5 format currently being used. Digitell is working to implement a version of the site that will function properly on the newest Android devices.
How to do I get back to my ASE member portal once on ASEUniversity?
If you logged into ASEUniversity from your ASE member portal, ASEUniversity opened in a new internet browser tab. Simply select your portal tab to go back to the ASE Website. If you logged directly into ASEUniversity, you will need to type into your browser navigation, select "ASE Member Portal" and log in.
I was not able to attend a recent live Webinar. Will it be available as a recorded event?
Yes, if you registered and were unable to attend, you will have access to the archive with 7-14 business days by logging in and selecting "Your Content" or "Your Live Events" from the drop down menu under "Your Account." The archive will not have CME. If you need to claim CME, ASE will typically post the recorded content, to include CME, for sale in the "Internet Activities" library within 1-2 months of the live event.
My organization has an upcoming event; how do I add it to ASE's online calendar?
To add an event to the educational calendar page on, select "Calendar of Events" from the left-side navigation menu and click "Submit an Event" at the top of the calendar page. ASE staff will review the submission and will post events that are outside of ASE's course black-out dates and are of interest to ASE's membership. ASE does not guarantee posting of any listing, and reserves the right to turn down calendar inclusion without cause. You will not be contacted after event submission. Approved events will be posted within 3-5 business days.
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